Heel Cradle System ™

Comfortable shoes for men and women.
We took our inspiration from nature by carefully studying the functioning of deer hoof. That is how we came with idea of HEEL CRADLE SYSTEM ™. This exclusive patented system stabilizes and protects the whole body. With every step heel area of the outsole spreads outwards allowing for more lateral and medial stability and acting as an excellent shock absorber. This process spares the joints and protects the knees, hips and spine.

Heel Cradle system helps in delivering the most comfortable shoes for men and women which are recommended for relief from plantar fasciitis. These shoes are clinically proven to absorb shock and the cushion helps in relieving pain.

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Orthopedic Shoes for Men and Women

Air Circulation system

Our patented "DRYFAST" fabric pushes the moisture away and gets dry in few seconds. Air circulation effect is created by pushing hot air and moisture out of the shoe with open cells of breathable removable insole and perforated real cow lining through special ventilation openings in the outsole.

Fresh Air
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Warm Air

Total Shock Absorption System

While our "Heel Cradle System" creates unparalleled shock absorption in the heel area, our exclusive "shockicel" shock absorbing foam insert in the ball area takes away stress from metatarsal joints. Our triple density removable footbed also has sweet spots in the heel and ball area emphasizing effect of shock absorption created by "Heel Cradle System" and "Shockicel" insert. Extra wide shank preventing your foot from over pronation finalizes a perfect combination of all necessary components guaranteeing an ultimate comfortable walking experience.

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Weight Distribution System

Double rocker outsole configuration created with help of leading US podiatrists creates even weight distribution throughout all gait cycles and in combination with shock absorbing features significantly reduce shocks on all joints of our body.

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